How to Keep Living…and Living…and Living…

Humanity is on the brink of a new age. This new age is defined not by a new generation X/Y/Z but by the resilience of each generation — the extension of life. This shift in how we view ourselves and the process of aging will have far-reaching consequences from healthcare…

A Framework for Data Analysts to Explore Data

“Weekly Purchases are down!! Why?? How?? Help!!” — if you’re a data analyst, you’ve no doubt heard something like this before from a distressed colleague. Change is a part of every business and occurs across all timescales. It can affect many areas, such as the weekly purchases on a website…

Using GENERATE_ARRAY for Histograms and More

When you stumble upon your first task of creating a histogram within BigQuery you might approach it with a simple GROUP BY, something like:

COUNT(*) AS num_accesses

This is fine, it does a decent job and would earn you a…

A Wild Playground to Test Your Skills with Solutions

SQL is a useful skill to have for many roles. No matter the industry, there’s going to be data stored in databases and SQL is the best way to get to it. And Data Scientists, in particular, need to be experts for quick access to high quality data. …

Test Your General Intelligence with a Demo

If you’d like to jump straight in to giving it a go: ARC Testing Interface.

Artificial Intelligence has made leaps and bounds in the last decade, solving many tasks we thought were impossible, but we’re still very far from a human-like intelligence. On top of this, the leading methods for…

And Why You Should Attend Conferences Too

This week I attended my first developer conference as a data scientist. It was a great experience to meet people, be exposed to new ideas and increase my motivation to keep learning. I’d like to share my experiences as well as a few things I learned.

The conference I attended…

Jye Sawtell-Rickson

Talking about data science, product analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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